SUNY Fredonia Honors Application

    Honors Program Application: 2020-2021
    Eligible students must complete this application and submit an approximately 1,000-word essay based on the prompt question. Preference is given to applications received by February 17, 2020.

    Unfortunately, due to limited funds, current Fredonia students are not eligible for the the one-time scholarship totaling $1,500 ($375 per semester for four semesters).

    The Honors Program is committed to a strong liberal arts curriculum as a way to help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world. Increasingly, however, we hear that a college education is simply a means to ensure future employment.  Indeed, with the rising cost of college, the social and economic pressures to find meaningful employment after graduation have increased tremendously. The Honors Program at Fredonia takes these issues seriously, but we also believe that a liberal arts curriculum is an essential part of a college education and helps to prepare students for success as professionals and as citizens.

    So as you imagine your college experience and place within the Honors Program, what do you think about a liberal arts education? Do you think it is valuable to your academic goals? Or do you think it is an impediment to your career objectives?

    To help you think about these question, please consult the following short articles:

    To be clear, we are not looking for a right answer. Rather, we are interested in your views on the value (or lack thereof) of a liberal arts education.

    Essays will be assessed on how effectively the applicant addresses the prompt question and the quality of the writing. 

    Others can send essay as email attachment to *For anyone who is more multi-media minded, you may submit any equivalent video/audio file to the email above.

    I certify the accuracy of all materials submitted on this form and that all work is my own.